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Chevron & Toyota Showcase New Renewable Gas Blend on Baton Rouge Stop of Gulf Coast Road Trip

Today, the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA, hosted executives from Chevron to show off the fuel giant's newest advancement in the energy sector. This event, one leg of a multistate road trip partnership with Toyota, featured Chevron and Toyota representatives driving Toyota's Tundra, RAV4, and Camry, aiming to demonstrate the fuel's effectiveness.

The firm touted the gasoline's advantage of reducing carbon emissions by over 40 percent compared to traditional gasoline on a lifecycle basis and highlighted how this new blend was produced using more than 50% renewable feedstocks.

Toyota's RAV4 Hybrid fueled by Chevron's new gasoline

We were able to join in on the event and were very impressed by the presentation. As one of the top producers of oil and a key employer in our state, we were excited by the companies' attention to Louisiana. Influential legislators, industry and business leaders, and media representatives were in attendance - a great sign of support in our view.

It was also encouraging to hear that in the future, when this new blend becomes mainstream, Louisiana's own Geismar plant will be a part of the production process.

Louisiana has a tough business climate when it comes to growth, so we are greatly encouraged to hear about a company investing in our state's future.

The relationship between our state and major energy companies has traditionally been symbiotic, and this event shows the continuation of this trend. Chevron has invested in Louisiana because the people of Louisiana have supported their efforts.

Now as the industry prepares for the future of energy and a transition to a more renewable ecosystem, we're excited to see that Louisiana looks like it will get a piece of that pie.


The road trip spans across Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, with Chevron representatives engaging with the public to discuss the benefits of lower carbon fuels such as biofuels and renewable gasoline blends.

Renewable gasoline blend is a promising solution as it can significantly reduce lifecycle emissions and can be used with existing automotive fleets and fueling networks.

The progress of the road trip can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn using the hashtag #futurefuelsshowcase.

In addition, Chevron has been developing, producing, and testing blends of renewable gasoline that can be used in conventional gasoline-powered vehicles and can deliver immediate carbon intensity reductions compared to traditional gasoline. Renewable gasoline blends utilize various feedstocks and technologies to achieve carbon intensity reductions. When combined with innovations from engine manufacturers and supportive public policies for lower carbon fuels, renewable gasoline blends have the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of light and medium-duty vehicles already in use.

"Multiple solutions are needed to help lower the carbon intensity of the transportation sector," said Andy Walz, Chevron's president of Americas Products. "With over 265 million gasoline-powered vehicles on the road in the United States today, renewable gasoline blends have the potential to involve virtually all drivers in a lower carbon transportation future. We are excited to partner with Toyota to demonstrate lower carbon technologies that are compatible with internal combustion engines."

Chevron and Toyota are also actively exploring new technologies for fueling both light- and heavy-duty vehicles and are considering a strategic alliance to explore hydrogen-fuel solutions in the transportation sector. The collaboration between the two companies aims to drive innovation and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and lower-carbon transportation future.


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