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Coca-Cola and Partners Launch $137.7 Million Fund to Invest in Sustainable Solutions and Reduce Carb

Introduction The Coca-Cola Company, in collaboration with eight bottling partners, has taken a significant step forward in its commitment to sustainability by establishing a groundbreaking venture capital fund worth $137.7 million. This fund aims to support and invest in early-stage companies developing sustainable solutions that have the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire Coca-Cola system. The move comes as part of the company's broader efforts to embrace innovation and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. With a focus on technology and science for sustainability and carbon reduction, this initiative has the potential to pave the way for a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Investing in a Greener Future The newly formed Greycroft Coca-Cola System Sustainability fund will serve as a platform to pioneer innovative and eco-friendly solutions while expediting their integration within the Coca-Cola system and across the industry. According to John Murphy, President and Chief Financial Officer of The Coca-Cola Co., this fund opens doors to emerging technologies and scientific breakthroughs in the realm of sustainability and carbon reduction. By aligning with visionary entrepreneurs and start-ups, the company seeks to bring to market transformational solutions across various areas, including packaging, heating and cooling, facility decarbonization, distribution, and supply chain.

Partnering with Greycroft for a Green Revolution The Greycroft Coca-Cola System Sustainability fund will be managed by Greycroft, a reputable seed-to-growth venture capital firm with a distinguished track record. Over the years, Greycroft has raised an impressive sum of more than $3 billion in capital and has successfully invested in over 400 companies across diverse sectors, such as consumer, enterprise, health technology, and finance technology. Leveraging their expertise and extensive network, Greycroft is poised to identify promising start-ups in the climate tech space that are ready to scale their innovations and make a lasting impact on sustainability.

Dana Settle's Perspective Dana Settle, Co-founder, and Managing Partner of Greycroft, expressed her enthusiasm for the growing market of sustainable supply chain and manufacturing technology. As consumers demand environmentally conscious products, brands must rise to the occasion by investing in eco-friendly initiatives. Greycroft, with its "invest anywhere" approach, believes it can effectively spot and support start-ups that offer climate tech solutions capable of reshaping industries and revolutionizing the way we tackle environmental challenges. United to Make a Difference

The collaboration between Coca-Cola and its eight participating bottling partners reflects their collective commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. These entities together represent nearly half of the Coca-Cola system's volume worldwide, making the fund a potent force for driving change on a global scale. Building upon their history of investing in sustainability projects, Coca-Cola and its bottlers demonstrate their dedication to embracing innovative and sustainable practices across their global operations.

Conclusion The launch of the Greycroft Coca-Cola System Sustainability fund signifies a bold move by Coca-Cola and its bottling partners to invest in cutting-edge sustainable technologies and solutions. With an impressive capital pool of $137.7 million, the fund's focus on areas such as packaging, decarbonization, and supply chain innovations will undoubtedly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the entire Coca-Cola system. By partnering with Greycroft, an experienced and forward-thinking venture capital firm, the initiative is well-positioned to identify and support promising start-ups that will drive positive change in climate technology. As these investments bear fruit, they will accelerate the transition toward a greener and more sustainable future, setting an inspiring example for the entire industry.


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