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Dollar General Unveils Expanded Clover Valley Private Label

Dollar General, the pioneering dollar store format since 1955, is taking a bold step forward with its private label brand, Clover Valley. The retail giant is introducing a diverse range of more than 100 new items, offering customers on-trend national brand alternatives. This expansion includes an exciting array of sauces, condiments, entrees, sides, and snacks.

The move comes as part of Dollar General's "Food First" initiative, a strategic effort to provide customers with healthier choices, including an increased variety of food products and fresh food options. Recently, Dollar General made strides by introducing fruits and vegetables in nearly 3,900 stores during the first quarter of 2023. Their ambitious plan aims to extend produce availability to 5,000 locations by January 2024, solidifying Dollar General as the mass retailer or grocer with the most extensive distribution points for produce in the United States.

Jackie Li, the senior vice president of private brands and global sourcing for Dollar General, highlighted the evolving nature of their product selection. As customer preferences shifted towards more innovative options, Clover Valley proved its reliability and equity. The decision to place "Food First" this year arose from recognizing the need and desire for even greater choices among their offerings.

Clover Valley, initially launched in 2009, has come a long way and now boasts a comprehensive collection of approximately 600 items. Among the highlights are delectable products like lobster bites, crab cakes, a variety of savory wing sauces (including siracha chili, Parmesan garlic, mild Buffalo, and medium wing), sunflower seeds in barbecue, dill pickle, and ranch dressing flavors, and tantalizing spicy nacho cheese or chili and lime rolled corn tortilla chips. Additionally, customers can find mouthwatering mandarin orange or General Tso's Chicken Bites with rice, black bean and corn salsa, berry blast or tropical fruit flavor snacks, peanut butter and jelly wafer sticks and dip, peanut butter spread with honey, 100% whole wheat sandwich bread, and cookies 'n crème and turtle sundae trail mixes. Furthermore, Dollar General ensures 100% satisfaction guarantee on all Clover Valley products.

Emily Taylor, the executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Dollar General, expressed enthusiasm for the enhancements made to their private brands in 2023. Understanding the significance of these value offerings to their customers, she believes these products will set Dollar General apart in the marketplace, providing exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Dollar General has also announced its strategic focus on larger store formats, with 80% of new stores and nearly all store relocations for the financial year of 2023 falling into this category. This expansion grants the company more significant cooler space, enabling them to offer fresh produce in many stores. Notably, consumables have accounted for about 80% of Dollar General's total sales. In terms of pricing, the company's research shows they provide a competitive advantage over most food and drug retailers, rivaling even the largest discount retailers.

With their dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to offering diverse and high-quality products, Dollar General continues to position itself as a leader in the retail industry. The expanded Clover Valley private label brand is set to redefine the shopping experience for its valued customers nationwide.


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