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DOW CEO Jim Fittering Visits River Parish Community College to Promote Manufacturing Jobs in LA

Today at River Parish Community College, Creator Wanted made their 13th stop on their tour around the country to promote manufacturing jobs in the United States. This event was put on by the National Administration for Manufacturing (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute.

DOW CEO Jim Fitterling visits with a journalist.

Leaders from the state and noteworthy corporations spoke to students from the Iberville Parish area about manufacturing opportunities and the future. The speaker panel was made up of Quintin Taylor (Chancellor of RPCC), Jim Patterson (President and CEO of LABI), Carolyn Lee (President of Manufacturing Insititute), Kenny Rocker (EVP of Marketing and Sales United Pacific), and Jim Fitterling (CEO of Dow).

The panel highlighted that there are a little over 700,000 manufacturing jobs in the US today. According to Deloitte, it is projected to have between 4 and 6 million positions available in the US within the next decade. Carolyn Lee spoke on behalf of Creators Wanted, explaining their overall goal of spreading the word about the new and evolving opportunities within the manufacturing industry. She highlighted the group's focus on attracting new talent to the industry regardless of experience. She introduced their escape room demo to highlight the manufacturing industry and its future, moving to an online platform called Creators Connect to meet people where they are across the country. Kenny Rocker explained that the industry is looking for more women to join the workforce. He also noted that Union Pacific hires to represent the communities they work in. Each panelist highlighted the importance of manufacturing to our country.

After the presentation, we had the opportunity to interview the panel, asking what role Lousisna will play in the industry's future and if Dow has any plans for further investment in the state. Jim Fitterling, CEO of Dow, stated that Louisiana is vital along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast. He then said Louisiana is a significant strategic location for the organization to continue investing in the region and has new projects in the works today.

If you'd like the learn more about Creators Wanted, please visit their website:


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