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Entergy Louisiana rolls out plan to keep businesses open during strong storms

Entergy Louisiana launched a new program called “Power Through” to help businesses stay online during strong storms that knock out the power.

Copeland Tower Senior Living in Metairie was the first business to sign up. However, two hospitals in Baton Rouge, three Breaux Mart locations and several food distribution sites have also joined the program.

Copeland Tower was chosen not only because it is an assisted living facility, but because it houses first responders and Entergy technicians during storms.

District 1 Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta said the goal is to make sure people can still get essential items like food and gasoline during severe storms.

The other draw to the project is when there is not an emergency, but power usage is at its peak, the generators will provide power back to the main grid to supply to the area.

Skrmetta said that part of the plan lowers costs to ratepayers.

Skrmetta also proposed a resolution to the legislature to provide tax credits to pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores that purchase their own generator to join the program.

Businesses that contact Entergy to join the program will have to pay half the installation costs, but Entergy will handle maintenance.


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