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Gov. Landry signs executive order killing ITEP job creation requirements

A new executive order signed by Gov. Jeff Landry removes past legislation requiring job creation in order to participate in the Louisiana industrial tax exemption program.

Gov. Landry signed the new executive order during his address at the annual Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) meeting.

"…But we have removed the job requirement because … because this program is about capital investment, okay?" said Landry. "It is not about job creation. It is about capital investment."

The order also changed the approval process to a one-stop-shop at the local level but kept the cap limiting the property tax exemption to 80%.

Landry’s new arrangement calls for a single parish industrial board rather than going through multiple local agencies. This single board would include representatives from the taxing agencies to consider ITEP applications and will have 45 days to consider it before passing it onto the state industrial board. Its vote would apply to all local agencies that receive property taxes, meaning companies would get approval of a total tax break or none.

If there is ever a disagreement between a local industrial board and the state industrial board, the governor will make the final decision, Landry says.






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