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Letters: Congress should follow business leadership on energy policy

As Louisianans know, domestic oil production is critical to our nation’s economic vitality but has been under attack since Joe Biden took office two years ago. President Biden’s vendetta against legacy energy producers has already forced Americans to endure the highest gas prices in a generation and sparked rampant inflation. If continued, this agenda could cripple Louisiana's economy.

The past year has shown energy security is more important than ever. Rising energy costs and the war in Ukraine have proven that energy independence is vital to both our nation's national security and economic well-being. American oil and natural gas production not only powers our homes, businesses, and transportation, but it also helps meet global demand and protects our allies.

Business leaders and groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce understand this and have been powerful advocates for policies supporting domestic energy production. They have been at the forefront of the efforts to push back on the Biden administration and provide domestic energy producers with the confidence and certainty they need to invest in the United States.

By supporting congressional Republicans’ work to pass legislation accelerating permitting for new exploration and production, finalizing the legally required five-year program for offshore leasing, and making it easier to build the energy infrastructure our nation badly needs, the Chamber has proven itself a key ally in this fight.

We are counting on our Republican leaders like House Majority Leader Steve Scalise to continue pushing for these policies in the fight to protect domestic energy production. It has become clear over the past two years that if Republicans and their supporters do not continue to fight for domestic energy production, we risk losing ground to progressives who seek to cancel America's oil and natural gas industry permanently.


president, Louisiana Oil & Gas Association

Baton Rouge


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