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Louisiana Governor Embarks on Trade Mission to Asia to Boost Investment

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is heading to Asia for a weeklong series of meetings with business leaders and policymakers in a bid to increase foreign investment in the state. Edwards, who left on Friday and will return on March 11, will visit South Korea and Japan, meeting with top executives of numerous companies that have investments in Louisiana.

This trip marks Louisiana's first trade mission to Asia in a decade and is aimed at strengthening ties with one of the state’s most important international trading partners while reinforcing Louisiana’s unique advantages for major job-creating business development and expansion projects. In a press release, the Democratic governor said, "Asian imports, exports, and manufacturing investments have driven job creation and economic expansion in Louisiana for decades. The impact of those investments has grown dramatically in recent years, and it is imperative that we cultivate opportunities for continued growth."

Louisiana has repeatedly ranked as the top state for per-capita foreign direct investment, according to the governor’s office, and a large portion of this investment is driven by Asia-Pacific companies. Governor Edwards's visit is expected to foster stronger business relationships with existing investors and attract new ones.

During the trade mission, Governor Edwards will meet with the top executives of numerous companies with investments in Louisiana, including Zen-Noh, a major grain exporter with headquarters in Covington, and Shin-Etsu, the parent company of a PVC manufacturer that has invested over $10 billion in facilities in Louisiana.

The governor's trip will also include meetings with officials from the governments of Japan and South Korea. He will discuss ways to increase trade, investment, and cooperation between Louisiana and the two countries.

Louisiana's economic growth in recent years has been buoyed by investments from foreign companies. The state's welcoming business environment, skilled workforce, and strategic location have made it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Governor Edwards's trip to Asia is an important step in ensuring that Louisiana remains a top destination for foreign investment and business development.

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