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Louisiana Labeled "Judicial Hellhole” Eight Years Running

The American Tort Reform Foundation has labeled Louisiana the 7th largest “Judicial Hellhole” in its annual Judicial Hellholes® report. A national ranking of which states allow innovative lawsuits to proceed or welcome litigation tourism, both of which cost state residents millions.

Per the report, Louisiana is continually plagued by coastal litigation and an imbalanced judicial system– the latter being attributed to Gov. John Bel Edwards due to his vetoes of “much needed reform legislation.”

ATR also ran the numbers on how much this unnecessary litigation costs Louisiana residents– $1,118 per annum, labeled as a “tort tax.” If the state were to enact reforms regarding litigation abuse, it would save the state $5.17 billion.

As for trial lawyer advertising, local lawyers spent nearly $39 million to air 858,000 television advertisements in 2022 alone.

Here is the full list from the Judicial Hellholes® report:


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