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Louisiana Receives $1.36 Billion in Funding to Expand High-Speed Internet Access

Louisiana has been awarded $1.36 billion by the federal government to enhance and expand affordable, reliable high-speed internet service across the state. This significant funding, which represents the eighth-largest allocation in the nation, will play a crucial role in closing the digital divide, according to Veneeth Iyengar, the Executive Director of Connect LA.

Expressing confidence in Louisiana's ability to address this issue, Iyengar highlighted that the state received more funding than other states with considerably larger populations. The substantial financial resources and federal funds obtained are expected to enable the elimination of the digital divide once and for all.

With this latest funding, Louisiana has now received a total of over $1.8 billion in federal support for broadband expansion. In addition to this, the state has allocated $10 million to the community college system to develop a skilled workforce capable of bringing high-speed internet to all areas of Louisiana.

Iyengar explained that the investment in the community college system will significantly augment the existing workforce. By 2025, nearly 3,000 individuals will complete credentials in various aspects of broadband, bolstering the state's capability to deploy efficient broadband infrastructure.

The ultimate objective is to provide high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet access to every Louisiana business and home by 2029. Iyengar emphasized that it doesn't matter where people reside in the state, from Caddo in the northwest to Pointe Ala Hache, Cameron, or East Carroll. The mission is to ensure that each individual in Louisiana has access to the internet they need for their daily lives, work, and education.

The substantial federal funding received by Louisiana marks a significant step toward bridging the digital divide and improving internet accessibility across the state. The initiative is poised to positively impact businesses, residents, and communities, fostering economic growth and enhancing opportunities for all Louisianans.


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