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Louisiana's Job Market Flourishes with Addition of 12,800 Jobs, Driving Down Unemployment Rate

Louisiana experienced a remarkable surge in employment as the state added 12,800 jobs from March to April, resulting in improvements across all metro areas. The total number of nonfarm jobs reached 1.96 million in April, a notable increase from 1.95 million jobs in March. These promising figures, released by the Louisiana Workforce Commission, highlight the robust growth of the state's job market. It is important to note that these numbers have not been seasonally adjusted.

The influx of new jobs also contributed to a decline in the unemployment rate. In April, the statewide unemployment rate stood at 3.2%, down from 3.3% in March, showcasing the positive impact of the employment expansion.

New Orleans saw a noteworthy increase of 3,500 jobs in April, raising the total number of jobs to 568,200. Local government agencies accounted for 1,900 of the newly added positions, while private education and health services contributed an additional 1,600 jobs. However, there was a decline of 700 jobs in the trade, transportation, and utilities sector.

Baton Rouge experienced a surge of 2,200 jobs in April, bringing the total nonfarm jobs to 423,900. The construction industry alone witnessed a rise of 1,500 jobs, and the health care and social assistance sector added another 600 positions.

Lafayette observed an increase of 2,000 jobs, reaching a total of 204,100. Notably, the professional and business services sector accounted for 900 of the newly created jobs.

Lake Charles registered an additional of 600 jobs, with a total of 96,700 in April. The service industry witnessed a surge of 300 positions compared to March.

Other metro areas also experienced employment growth. Shreveport-Bossier City added 1,100 jobs, Houma-Thibodaux witnessed an increase of 800 jobs, Alexandria saw a rise of 600 positions, Hammond increased by 500 jobs, and Monroe experienced a gain of 300 jobs.

In terms of the labor force, Louisiana's civilian labor force declined slightly from nearly 2.05 million in March to 2.04 million in April. However, the number of unemployed individuals also decreased from 69,496 in March to 67,677, reflecting positive progress in the job market.

The unemployment rates in most of the state's metro areas witnessed a decline from March. New Orleans saw a drop from 3.4% to 3.3%, Baton Rouge decreased from 2.9% to 2.8%, Lafayette fell from 3.1% to 3%, and Hammond's rate decreased from 3.9% to 3.8%. Lake Charles remained unchanged, with an unemployment rate of 3%.

Louisiana's robust job market growth is a promising sign for the state's economy. With improvements seen across various sectors and in every metro area, the addition of 12,800 jobs highlights the resilience and vitality of Louisiana's workforce.


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