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Ochsner Health to Cut 770 Jobs in Louisiana and Mississippi to Reduce Costs and Ensure Future Succes

Ochsner Health, one of Louisiana's largest private employers, is cutting its workforce by 770 employees in Louisiana and Mississippi. The job cuts represent 2% of the company's 38,000 employees, but they will not affect doctors, nurses, or other patient-facing staff. The layoffs will occur in its 42 hospitals and more than 200 urgent care and emergency centers. The company is not closing any of its facilities in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, or Shreveport.

The Advocate reports that the layoffs are expected to save the company between $125 million and $150 million. This decision comes as healthcare costs rise, and Ochsner experiences its first unprofitable year in over a decade. The company's executive leadership team acknowledged that this decision was difficult but necessary to ensure the company's continued success.


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