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Ruston's Anticipation Builds as Buc-ee's Prepares to Make Its Debut in Louisiana

Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker is causing quite a stir in his town, as residents eagerly await the arrival of Buc-ee's, a Texas-based gas station and convenience store chain that is rapidly expanding its reach across the southern United States. According to Walker, the new Ruston location is expected to open in 2025, and residents are eager to see what the chain has to offer.

As with many small towns that are home to new Buc-ee's locations, Ruston has been abuzz with excitement since the announcement was made. Many local residents have already begun to plan their first visits to the new store, which promises to offer a wide variety of food and drinks, as well as award-winning restrooms.

However, the Ruston Buc-ee's will not just be a convenience store; it is also expected to create more than 200 full-time jobs in the area, and generate a significant amount of revenue for the local economy. According to the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the new Buc-ee's will span more than 53,000 square feet and feature 120 gas pumps.

To help ensure that the Ruston location would be a success, local officials worked hard to develop a plan that would be attractive to the Buc-ee's chain. In addition to offering tax incentives to the company, they also emphasized Ruston's location near Interstate 20, which brings in a large amount of traffic. This traffic is expected to be a significant factor in the success of the new location, as Buc-ee's typically attracts customers from over 100 miles away.

Despite the excitement over the new Ruston location, some Louisiana residents are still hoping that a Buc-ee's will eventually come to their part of the state. Real estate experts agree that south Louisiana has many of the tools needed to lure a new Buc-ee's location, including large plots of land near interstates with high traffic volume. However, they also caution that the process can be slow and often requires a great deal of patience.

For example, the Baton Rouge area was originally supposed to house the first Buc-ee's location outside of Texas. In March 2016, reports surfaced that Buc-ee's had signed a purchase agreement to open a store in the Greens at Millerville development off Millerville Road at I-12. However, the deal collapsed later that year, and the first Buc-ee's location outside of Texas ended up opening in Alabama in 2019.

Despite this setback, Buc-ee's has continued to expand rapidly in recent years, with new locations popping up all over the southern United States. As of 2023, the chain has 58 locations across six states, and plans are in the works to open additional locations in Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

One thing that sets Buc-ee's apart from other convenience store chains is its focus on cleanliness and customer service. The company has won numerous awards for its restrooms, which are typically spotless and well-stocked with a variety of toiletries. In addition, Buc-ee's employees are known for their friendly and helpful attitudes, which has helped the company build a loyal following among customers.

Overall, it's clear that Buc-ee's has become a major player in the southern convenience store market, and that its expansion shows no signs of slowing down. While the Ruston location may be the only one currently planned for Louisiana, it's likely that more will follow in the coming years, as the chain continues to seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion. For Louisiana residents who are eager to experience Buc-ee's for themselves, the wait may be long, but it will likely be worth it in the end


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