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Shell partners with Gulf Wind Technology to develop offshore wind power in the Gulf of Mexico

On Monday, it was announced that Shell, a major player in the energy industry, will be teaming up with Gulf Wind Technology, a Louisiana-based company, for a research and training initiative focused on developing offshore wind power technology for the Gulf of Mexico. According to a statement from the office of Governor John Bel Edwards, Shell will invest $10 million in the project to create wind power generation products that are optimized for Gulf operations.

While the East Coast has been the primary focus of offshore wind development in the US, Gulf Wind Technology's CEO, James Martin, noted that the region's wind resources are more variable due to seasonal hurricane conditions and moderate average wind speeds. Despite these challenges, the Shell Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator aims to have its first turbine ready for demonstration as early as next year.

In addition to financial support from the state of Louisiana, the project will also benefit from a $375,000 award and eligibility for the state's tax exemption program for new and expanding businesses. The Shell Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator will also host an offshore wind workforce education and training program, which is expected to create 30 new jobs with an average annual salary of $83,000. The project will be based at the Avondale Global Gateway facilities in Jefferson Parish.


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