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WILLIAMS: House Small Business Committee will be the "Voice of Main Street!"

Small business owners are on the front lines of innovation and job creation. They account for over half of the payroll in our country and are mainstays of their communities.

When these businesses are confident about their ability to prosper in the future, our country is moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, after two years of one-party rule, our small businesses are very concerned about the way our economy is moving.

Whether it’s out-of-control inflation, broken supply chains, or labor shortages, Main Street continues to bear the brunt of President Biden’s economic crisis. However, there is hope on the horizon.

The people spoke in November and gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives to provide a vital check on the radical policies coming out of the Biden administration. Republicans have a proven track record of being the true champions of our nation’s job creators, and my colleagues bestowed upon me the great honor of naming me as chairman of the House Committee on Small Business.

As someone who has carried on my family’s small business for over 50 years, I am humbled to serve as the chairman of arguably one of the most important committees in Congress.

The Committee on Small Business is the voice for Main Street America in Washington. As regulations are created, it is our duty to ensure that the agencies are considering the effects these new requirements will have on small businesses.

For the last two years, the Biden administration has added $318 billion in new regulatory costs, which translates to over 218 million new paperwork hours. These actions have a tangible impact on Main Street America, and there are laws in place that are intended to prevent this kind of harm coming out of the federal bureaucracy.

Under my leadership, the committee will examine how these safeguards have failed and get to the bottom of how so much damage was able to be done to small businesses in such a short period of time.

Our oversight work is important, but all is dwarfed by one priority: highlighting the American Dream. President Reagan referred to the United States as a shining city upon a hill. This sacred destiny, which all Americans pursue, is what makes our nation truly great. America’s entrepreneurial spirit fuels innovation and discovery, and this spirit remains a core belief of our country.

The House Committee on Small Business will be a positive platform to highlight the risk-takers that bet on themselves to bring something new to the marketplace. We will speak to the trade worker who decided against taking on debt and going to a traditional four-year university so they could learn a skill and translate that into their very own business. We will talk to the family-owned businesses that are synonymous with the communities they serve to find out the challenges they are facing to continue their legacies.

There are countless businesses and stories we can pull from, and we are hoping to talk to enough businesses so anyone can watch our committees work and be inspired to take their own leap of faith to create something new.

From Mom-and-Pop storefronts on Main Street to high-tech startups, these businesses will continue to be the economic engine that drives our country forward. As chairman, I look forward to fighting for Americas small businesses and working on behalf of our nation’s job creators.


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